Why work with Charlie?

Real transformation starts on the inside

Real transformation takes place from the inside out, and that’s why, if you want to reap the benefits from a culture change—improved productivity, increased profits and reduced absenteeism for example—it’s better for that change to come from the members of your organisation themselves.

That’s why Charlie Beswick and her approach are ideal for your organisation. The most valuable skills and insights that she brings to the table don’t come from textbooks or training courses. They come from her own extraordinary personal journey of transformation.

Through her tailor-made keynotes and follow-up H.E.A.R.T. workshops, Charlie empowers others to realise the tools they have within themselves. She encourages people to take a step back, reflect and identify where they can take more responsibility for the things that they can change. But more than that, they learn to recognise and let go of things that are outside of their control.

By letting go of the negative emotions such as guilt, fear or frustration that go hand in hand with trying to fix the unfixable, people can focus all their energy on fixing what they can. This leads to a virtuous circle of constant improvement, the rewarding sense of progress and the satisfaction of knowing they can thrive in whatever situation they have to deal with.

Every individual makes a difference

Your business is worth far more than the sum of the parts. You only have to reflect on the impact of one under-performing or unhappy employee on those around them to realise this.

Stressed out employees with low self-esteem, who feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their workload, will have a significant and detrimental effect on the moral of the rest of the team.

Working with individuals to enhance their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience is an investment that will pay huge dividends for the whole team in a way that incentives and targets cannot.

Culture is driven by people

People are not driven by culture. They create the culture. If you want a healthy culture that enables your organisation to grow and succeed, you need to focus on the individuals from the CEO to the office cleaner. When your people have the right mindset, the culture shift happens by itself.

Helping your organisation and its people

Charlie is passionate about making a difference both at an individual and organisational level, because she understands that in order to secure a lasting change in individual and collective culture, organisations need to embrace an attitude of ongoing reflection and improvement of their systems, procedures and policies. They must cultivate a positive environment that is conducive to change and have the courage to address issues head on.

A bespoke approach to your needs

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Every situation is different, and nobody is more aware of what your business needs more than you do. Charlie knows how to tailor her keynote to address your particular concerns, so she will encourage you to be open and honest about your organisation.