Why work with Charlie?

‘Making a Difference’ is at her core

Charlie has been a teacher for over 15 years and taught in both Primary and Secondary settings.

As well as this, she is also a charity founder of More Than a Face where she delivers assemblies and workshops to children and young people to raise awareness of facial disfigurement (her son was born with a rare condition) and visible difference to help them interact with those who may be different to themselves.

In short, Charlie is driven by a deep desire to make a difference to those around her and is passionate about working with teams who also want to ‘make a difference’ to the lives of others, whilst improving their own confidence, energy levels and mental wellbeing.

Charlie knows first-hand that all decisions that we make and actions that we take begin in the mind and when ‘thinking of and for others’ is a priority, this can lead to mental exhaustion, overwhelm and lower levels of satisfaction.

Do you have team members who…

  • Never feel like they have done enough
  • Are aware of, and affected by the weight of responsibility in their role
  • Are great at their job but show signs of stress and overwhelm.

Based on her own life experiences, research linking the ways in which we think about ourselves, to motivation and wellbeing, and interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists, coaches, Paralympians and athletes Charlie has developed a deep understanding of the ways in which our own beliefs contribute to our performance, engagement and confidence.

She has developed a 5-stage HEART © model to challenge the limiting beliefs that hold people back in their lives, so that they are better equipped to handle their own issues and support others through theirs.

Feedback from teams who have worked with her has been excellent.

  • 92% of staff reported having the knowledge and tools to support their own and others wellbeing (120 staff)
  • Increased staff confidence to return to work following national lockdown from 33% to 95%

Benefits of Mindset Management
For an individual

  • Identifies, challenges and redefines limiting beliefs.
  • Allows them to make the progress they are capable of.
  • Improves self-awareness and communication skills

“Today has definitely helped me be aware of my own feelings and thoughts and recognise how they affect me. It’s given me the tools to help me grow and gain resilience” Kelly, Alice Charity

For a team

  • Creates a framework for open, non-judgemental and curious conversations
  • Transforms group dynamics
  • Improves productivity

“The HEART model is something that has really changed the way I and our management team coach people through difficult conversations or moments of poor self-talk and has made those conversations far more productive and positive” Emma Atkinson, People Development Manager, Rightmove

If ‘Making a difference’ to the lives of others is part of your team values, then Charlie is absolutely the person to support your team members to BE the best so that they can GIVE their best.

Email her today at info@charliebeswick.com

Every individual makes a difference

Your business is worth far more than the sum of the parts. You only have to reflect on the impact of one under-performing or unhappy employee on those around them to realise this.

Stressed out employees with low self-esteem, who feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their workload, will have a significant and detrimental effect on the moral of the rest of the team.

Working with individuals to enhance their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience is an investment that will pay huge dividends for the whole team in a way that incentives and targets cannot.

Culture is driven by people

People are not driven by culture. They create the culture. If you want a healthy culture that enables your organisation to grow and succeed, you need to focus on the individuals from the CEO to the office cleaner. When your people have the right mindset, the culture shift happens by itself.

Helping your organisation and its people

Charlie is passionate about making a difference both at an individual and organisational level, because she understands that in order to deliver quality, organisations need to recognise, support and foster excellence within the individual team members. Charlie is keen to foster ongoing relationships with organisations who acknowledge that a mentally happy, healthy workforce result in excellent outcomes for colleagues, clients and service users.