Here’s what others have had to say about Charlie and her work…

Amazing and Empowering.” “Passionate, Captivating and Inspiring.” “You could hear a pin drop!”

Charlie worked with a number of our account managers, delivering a workshop on building resilience in our work life. Not only was Charlie wonderful to work with, the content felt on point and bespoke for our needs. I t was thought provoking, stirred very honest conversations and most importantly for me was very practical. I think with trainings on topics such as resilience it can be difficult to move to a clear “HOW” we change, but the suggestions were usable, real and I know my people took a lot from the session.
The HEART model is something that has really changed the way I and our management team coach people through difficult conversations or moments of poor self-talk and has made those conversations far more productive and positive.

Emma Atkinson

People Development Manager, Rightmove

Charlie has an energy that engages and motivates you! The training makes you think very differently about yourself and making life better for you and for everyone else.

Louise Brammer

Executive Principle

The training was delivered really well and it’s made me feel more confident about day to day tasks both at work and at home.



There is so much that I have learnt about why I feel the way I do, and this will help me move forward. I am walking away with a challenge to improve the way I ‘self-talk’ and feel about things and know that I am realistically able to do it. It was fabulous!.



Moving and thought provoking. Charlie made me want to make more positive changes. Thank you for sharing your story.

Danielle Curzon

Client Service Manager , Right Move

From the moment Charlie stepped on stage I was mesmerised. I was at a two day conference and there was over 20 topics with different speakers. She was the one speaker who stood out for me.
Charlies stage presence and delivery were so special that I felt she was talking directly to me the whole time.
She used a mixture of slides and funny anecdotes throughout and although there was over 2000 people in that room you could have heard a pin drop as she spoke with raw emotion, grit and determination about her personal journey.
Her presentation that day inspired and motivated me and touched me in a way I will always remember. She has a gift of connection in a natural public speaker who engages and transports people to a unique place through her delivery.

Kyra Pauley

Business Owner

I have seen Charlie speak on a few occasions and am always impressed and inspired by her passion, authenticity and professionalism.
She has a natural presence on the stage and engages her audiences beautifully with warmth, honesty and humour which is a testament to her skill as her content is often challenging and emotive. I was particularly impressed that Charlene was keen to understand the needs of the audience so that she could deliver relevant content with impact. Her messages are powerful and resonate with people both on a personal and professional level. She is charming, articulate and a real pleasure to work with.

Simon French

Executive Principle and CEO, Alpha Trust

An inspiring speaker. I loved Charlies honesty and authenticity. Its great to hear someone open up about their own experiences and able to share positive massages around mental well-being.

J Brunt

Training and Development Manager

A fantastic and eye-opening presentation. It has definitely changed the way I will think going forward and my perspective in different situations I may come across. Very inspirational!

Natasha Smith

University of Cumbria Inclusion Society

I will now pause to consider why a client is acting the way they are and be more emotionally intelligent day to day.



Charlie is an excellent, inspirational speaker. I have watched several of her presentations on different occasions and you can hear a pin drop in the room. Charlie has the room entranced with her message and takes you on a journey of emotions. A truly genuine, authentic and professional presenter. I would definitely recommend her services.

Amanda Brenkley

Social Worker

Charlie is a fantastic speaker full of passion and enthusiasm. She really engages her audience and draws you. In. She takes you on a journey and opens your mind. I came away feeling inspired and in awe!

Rachel Brocklebank

Deputy Nursery School Manager

Today has definitely helped me be aware of my own feelings and thoughts and recognise how they affect me. It’s given me the tools to help me grow and gain resilience.


Alice Charity

“Charlie is an inspiring and extremely brave individual. Sharing her experiences and how she overcame this gives us the insight to support others within the workplace; to help, listen and just give them time”

Jane Marfleet

Human Resources Manager