I have a range of resources to support mothers in the world of SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability).

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My Newsletter

My weekly newsletter is short, sweet, and sometimes a bit random, much like myself. I share my take on an altered life and what that can mean to mums, other family members and all aspects of our identity and lives. If you’d like to sign up for my Thursday musings, then please do so here.  I promise you’ll love it!

I don’t know how Charlie does it, but her newsletter is always the question that’s been floating around in my mind, or the worry that I can’t let go of. It’s reassurance that I am NOT alone on this wild ride, and that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be a success. I am beyond grateful for Charlie and her sweet words, the encouragement and honesty are truly not only a breath of fresh air, but a much needed deep breath.


Charlie gets me. She gets my thoughts, the good ones and the ones I wish I could push away. She gets my fears for my child’s future and the practicalities of what that means in terms of the plans I have to make (but don’t want to). Charlie has, to put it simply, saved my sanity.


I tell my family and friends about Charlies newsletters. How some weeks she seems to just know exactly how what to say. Opening her newsletter is part of allowing myself to really feel, something I try not to do on a day to day basis- if I did, I’d spend my whole life crying. Having a disabled child can be so isolating and when I read Charlies newsletter, I genuinely feel like she’s talking just to me, like we are having a friendly chat over a cuppa. I feel less alone because of her.


Charlie’s newsletter always seems to hit a spot in me that needs healing. She addresses really tough issues for SEND parents in a gentle way. It’s amazing to know that other parents have the same worries as I do and that helps me feel connected.


I don’t know how, but the newsletter topics always seem to coincide with something I’m currently experiencing. I love that in that moment I don’t feel so alone in this altered journey.


the community

The acronym SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disability in the UK. This is also the meaning of the SEND Gin & Cheese community name, but it also refers to those days when you have lost your mind and only a gin and cheese can save you (other beverages and snacks are acceptable)

SEND Gin & Cheese is the most gorgeous community of mums who are all SOAL (Sharing Our Altered Lives) sisters!

We are more than a group though. We are a movement of mothers who share and support the mental well-being stresses and successes of parenting children with SEND in ways that the national health service currently fails to do. We are about honesty, support and empowerment!

There is zero judgement, tons of love and support and complete understanding from people who truly ‘get it’ on the tough days and celebrate the wins and achievements on the great days that other parents may take for granted.

If you would value a community of supportive, understanding, sometimes sweary and always amazing women then join us today!

Note- We have a strict policy on only accepting those who agree to the group rules when they click to join the group as privacy is massively important to us so be sure to answer the questions!

It feels like I’m hone.


Feeing the love and support and knowing there’s always someone who understands.


A place of hope when I feel like mine is almost gone.


Being accepted whatever, is priceless.


Being a parent of a child with SEND can be lonely and isolating but this group is providing the safe space that we all need
No judgement, just support and understanding


The deep work

If you would prefer to work, one to one with me then I offer the following:


This single session is for you if you want to explore one issue or challenge right now and to develop greater self-awareness around the thoughts and feelings which are impacting you day to day.


This trio of sessions is for those who want to address one or more issues, and would benefit from some strategies, gap tasks and accountability to help them move forwards with confidence.


This is for you if you want long-term transformation and are happy to slow down your thinking and really work deeply on areas that are holding you back or preventing you from being truly present in your life right now. Typically, 8 sessions of deep mentoring.

Get in touch to book your free 30-minute ‘Chat with Charlie’ session to discuss how I can support you best.