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Empowering individuals and teams to identify, challenge, and break down limiting beliefs, so that they can achieve the happiness and success they deserve in life.

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About Me

Hi I’m Charlie,
Mum to twins Oliver and Harry, part-time teacher, author, blogger, charity founder (More Than a Face) and cheeseaholic!  I am real, honest and passionate about supporting others on journeys they never expected to take.

Master Classes

Using the experience and insight gained through her own life experiences as well as her first-class honours degree in psychology, Charlie offers a number of master classes covering topics such as resilience, self-talk, mental wellbeing in the workplace and conditions for constructive communication.

Research has shown that the type of mindset management that Charlie delivers can improve focus, creativity and problem solving skills, self regulation, motivation, attention and performance.

Each master class is delivered over half a day but can be adapted to suit the needs of the audience and the time frame available. Above all else, Charlie’s priority is to serve, empower and give value, and she is keen to work with organisers to ensure that all of these aspects are delivered.


“It has really helped in terms of my awareness and thinking about my resilience” Kru Raval, Rightmove

“The HEART model is something I am going to use going forward to help with my negative self-talk” Lauren, Rightmove

“An informative, passionate, captivating, moving, honest and inspiring speaker” Jill Salt, Town and District Councillor